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API for Ground Truth Data

Linear Logic manages the entire ML-lifecycle, from development to production. Get ready - we’re bringing AI technology to the masses.

Labeled data is key

Labeled data is the key bottleneck to the growth of the machine learning industry. In fact, labeled data is even more essential than algorithms.

AI is driving the paradigm shift that is the software industry’s transition to data-centric programming from writing logical statements. Data is now oxygen. The more training data a company gathers, the brighter will its AI-powered products burn.


Accelerate AI Innovations

At Linear Logic we build state-of-the-art data tooling. We understand one must iterate to innovate, therefore our systems are designed to facillitate an agile workflow.

The Linear Logic formula

We set out three pilars to design the platform around.

1. A bold strategy on iterative development

Few ideas work on the first try. Iteration is key to achieving innovation.

2. From zero to automation under an hour

Sophisticated workflows to develop A.I. applications with a data fabric instead of data silos.

3. Manage the entire Machine Learning lifecycle

Only pay for what you use and get rid of the DevOps.

Our story

Linear Logic was originally developed in 2018 by Miguel Pieters to more efficiently complete university assignments. Existing data annotation services heavily relied upon manual labour which made the process of obtaining an annotated dataset time intensive. With the aim to accelerate A.I. development, the co-founders set out to build a platform capable of meeting today's needs for fast-growing global businesses.

The founding team called the company Linear Logic. Linear logic is a refinement of classical and intuitionistic logic. Instead of emphasizing truth, as in classical logic, or proof, as in intuitionistic logic, linear logic emphasizes the role of formulas as resources. We focus on building state-of-the-art infrastructures to manage the entire Machine Learning lifecycle.

Incubated by in 2022

ACE is the university incubator of the University of Amsterdam, University of Applied Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Amsterdam Academic Medical Center.

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